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Mental Health... A Congruent Perspective 

For those who aren’t aware, many health professionals, life coaches and holistic experts classify 7 target areas of life for all of us to nourish to live congruently.  I want to share with you my learnings, insights and perceptions on Mental Health and how we can all maximise this target area of Life.  The 7 target areas: 1- Physical Health 2 - Mental Health  3 - Spiritual Health  4 - Social Health  5 - Your legacy/Mission/Career/Business 6 - Financial Health  7 - Vacational Health    Mental health refers to our cognitive, and/or emotional wellbeing. It’s referring to how we think, feel and behave. As a coach in High Performance Sport, mental health covers areas of Mental Resiliency, Mind Power, The...

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2 Minutes To Excellence! With Dr Happy

 Dr Happy is a positive psychologist and is an example of Giving Is Living. His knowledge bombs in this episode could be expanded on for hours. Live by these tips and you'll be enjoying your journey of Excellence Every Day!  Dr Happy can be found online at the following platforms: Instagram: @thehappinessinstitute Twitter: @drhappy Facebook: Dr. Happy Website:

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2 minutes to Excellence! with Scott Reardon

Scott Reardon is an above knee amputee World Champion 100m sprinter for the T42 classification. He joins us and shares some insight on what Excellence means to him, where his current pursuit of Excellence is directed and one important ritual that he practices every day that´s leading him towards his goals. He also gives important tips that can help You tap into Your inner Excellence!  

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   I WAS LEARNING LESSONS THAT BLEW MY MIND. LIFE COULDN’T BE BETTER. AND THEN MY WORLD STOPPED.   I believe life is a journey of opportunities for us to grow, through which we must create a clear vision to allow ourselves to enjoy the moment of now.  I grew up in Cobar, a small country town in Central West NSW, 300km from the nearest Big W (or McDonalds, for those lovers of the Big M), with a population hovering around 5,500 people. Sport it seemed, was the opportunity that presented itself most to me. I loved my Rugby League and athletics, and in my final years at High School was offered several NRL contracts and sprinting scholarships at the...

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