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Gibbo Greatness // Cancer Council and batyr


Gibbo is a proud father to little Ryder and a committed lover to his legendary partner Kendy.

Growing up in the beautiful landscapes of Cobar, Gibbo has always had a passion for motocross, as an avid rider and intense spectator. 

If you trace the history books of Cobar, you'll find Brad's presence heavily in the music scenes from his days in the band called Loader, and you'll likely still hear kids whispering about his sporting dominance at the 'youthy' (Cobar Youth and fitness centre) and for the Cobar Roosters Rugby League team. 

Gibbo's passion for the Cobar community is highlighted with his presence of excellence and commitment to the @wines2mines tour, which is a non-profit charity event, cycling from Griffith to Cobar over 3 days to raise money for the Cancer Council and batyr

This ride is almost 400km and in honour of Brad's mum who passed away from cancer 2 years ago. 

To help support Gibbo, the Cobar community, the cancer council and batyr, we've proudly produced these shirts and would love you to join us and Gibbo on his journey and raise money for these life saving and life changing charities. 

Purchase one of the Tee's below. If your size is out, please email us to put in an order: 

Gibbo, you're an inspiration. Keep up the great work legend!